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Are you interested in hosting an ice skating party for your business, church, or nonprofit? Would you like to host a memorable ice skating birthday party for your child? Listed below are the available times. In order to reserve one of these times, please use the reservation form below or email Scott Ward.

Reservations will be made in the order in which they are received. There is a 2-hour minimum rental, and the payments are nonrefundable with the exception of inclement weather.

The rental includes the use of the skates with a maximum of 75 skaters at a time.

Prices: $500 per 2 hours & $750 per 3 hours

For an additional fee you can rent the Riverfront Glass Pavilion right next to the rink. This will give you an indoor place to set up food and drinks. This additional fee would be up to $200.

AVAILABLE DATES & TIMES: (RESERVED - The dates in red are already taken.)

Monday, November 27 - available 5pm-9pm

Tuesday, November 28 - available 5pm-9pm

Wednesday, November 29 - available 5pm-9pm

Thursday, November 30 - available 5pm-9pm

Saturday, December 2 - available 10am-1pm

Sunday, December 3 - available 6pm-9pm

Monday, December 4 - available 5pm-9pm

Tuesday, December 5 - available 5pm-9pm

Wednesday, December 6 - available 5pm-9pm

Thursday, December 7 - available 5pm-9pm

Saturday, December 9 - available 10am-1pm

Sunday, December 10 - available 6pm-9pm

Monday, December 11 - available 5pm-9pm

Tuesday, December 12 - reserved 5pm-9pm

Wednesday, December 13 - available 5pm-9pm

Thursday, December 14 - available 5pm-9pm

Saturday, December 16 - reserved 10am-1pm

Sunday, December 17 - available 5pm-9pm

Monday, December 18 - available 5pm-9pm

Tuesday, December 19 -available 5pm-9pm

Wednesday, December 20 - available 5pm-9pm

Thursday, December 21 - available 5pm-9pm

Friday, December 22 - available 10am-3pm

Tuesday, December 26 - available 10am-3pm

Wednesday, December 27 - available 10am-3pm

Thursday, December 28 - available 10am-3pm

Friday, December 29 - available 10am-3pm

Saturday, December 30 - available 10am-1pm

Party Reservation

Thanks! We'll contact you shortly about your reservation!

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