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Volunteer Instructions

Volunteer Parking:


You are welcome to park right behind the skating rink sheds on A Street between N. 10th and N. 11th. To get there is very simple. The best is is to be traveling west on Garrison (toward Oklahoma) and turn right at N. 9th. Then turn right on A Street. Cross N. 10th and the parking is right there on your right.





  1. There is a lock box on the door knob of the red, wooden shed (Santa House). The code to open this lock box is 1948. Inside the lock box you will find a key to the Santa House and a key to the Ice Skate shed. Unlock both of these sheds and replace the keys in the lock box.

  2. There is a lock on the gate of the ice skating rink. Unlock this lock. The code is 0000. Leave the lock there but be sure and close the lock back up so that it does not run away.

  3. Inside the Santa House on the right-hand wall hanging on a screw is the key to the bathrooms. These bathrooms are located in the white trailer directly across the street from the skating rink towards Garrison. Each of the three doors need to be unlocked. Please check in each one to see if they need toilet paper and/or paper towels and replenish if necessary.

  4. Inside the sheds are located items that will need to be taken out and set up.

    1. Set up any of the white chairs that you would like. These are for you to sit.

    2. Set up the black card table in front of the Santa House. This will be where all of the payment equipment goes.

    3. Set up the white table next to the rubber mats so that people can put their skates on this.

    4. Take out the skating guides (2 polar bears, 2 penguins, and two sit-down guides) and place them next to the rink near the gate.

    5. Set out the cash box on the black card table. It should have $250 in change within it.

    6. Set out the clip board with the sells tally sheet on it.

    7. Set out the wifi hot spot. This is a small, rectangular, black box that has a Fort Smith Public School sticker on the back. There are two of these, but you only need one. Keep one charging in case the other runs out of battery. Turn one on by pushing the power button. Place it inside the cash box of safe keeping. This will provide wifi. All of the tablets should hook up to it automatically. If they do not, the wifi is “Studentmyfi” and the password is “students.”

    8. Set out the iPad in the case with the strap on it on the black card table. This is to be used for credit card payments via an app called Square.

    9. Set out the Square credit card reader. This is a small white box that allows you to tap your credit card on it or insert a credit card into it. Press the power button to power it on and make sure it is connected to the Square app on the iPad.

    10. There is another tablet (white in a black case) that you can set out and use for the electronic waiver form. Go to the web browser app on the tablet and type in the website This is what everyone must fill out before skating. This waiver can also be filled out on anyone’s phone at the same web address.

    11. Set out the big bluetooth speaker. Place it next to the electric pole and plug it in. You can connect your phone to it in order to play some Christmas music. To connect the speaker to your phone, open your phone settings and go to bluetooth. On the speaker, push the power button. Then hold down the blue bluetooth button until it starts blinking. You will see the Behringer speaker pop up on your bluetooth list. Click it to connect, play some music, and adjust the volume.

    12. Next to the Santa House is an extension cord. Plug in one of the power strips and put it next to the card table. You can use this to keep the tablets charged throughout the day.

  5. If the skating rink is wet, you will need to use the squeegee to remove the water. You can just push the water off the rink underneath the side supports.

  6. If the skating rink has debris or trash on it, use the broom to sweep it off.

  7. Use the brooms to sweep off the rubber mats.



Volunteer Shift:


  1. At the beginning of your shift, count the money in the cash box. If it is the first shift of the day, it should be $250. If it is a later shift, the amount should be the same as marked on the previous shift’s tally sheet. If the amounts do not match, contact Scott Ward or Heather Sanders.

  2. Take a persons payment. They are welcome to pay via cash or with a credit card on the Square app. Ages 0-11 are $5. Ages 12 and up are $10.

  3. Mark all of your sells on the tally form.

  4. Each adult needs to fill out the electronic waiver form. An adult needs to fill out the waiver for their minor children. There are multiple slots on the waiver form for multiple children, so they need to only fill out one form.

  5. Once paid and the waiver is filled out, they can go get their appropriate skate size. The sizes are men’s sizes, so they will need to be adjusted for females.

  6. They need to take their skates to the benches at the rubber mats to put the skates on. Once on, they must stay on the rubber mats or the rink.

  7. The website says that the skate rental is for one hour, but we are not policing this. Most people don’t last more than an hour because it is tiring.

  8. When they are finished skating, they can take their skates back.

  9. The skates should be sprayed with a little bit of Lysol spray located in the shed.

  10. Sharpen the skates.

  11. Place the skates back in the appropriate slots.



Ice Skating Rink - Miscellaneous Notes:


  1. The maximum capacity of the rink is 75.

  2. Very young children are welcome to skate. We have small sizes. A parent may go on the rink with them, but they must put on blue booties (located in the Santa House). These blue booties must be put on next to the rink gate. This is to keep the rink clean. Please note: We are not advertising this, but you are welcome to offer.

  3. No one is allowed on the rink without skates or the blue booties.

  4. The rink cannot be skated on in the rain or snow. Once it quits, squeegee the moisture off and skating can resume.





  1. Pack into the Santa House the white chairs, black card table, white long table, skating guides (2 polar bears, 2 penguins, and 2 sit-down guides), and bluetooth speaker.

  2. Place on the table in the Santa House the cash box, tablets, wifi hotspot, and the Square credit card reader. Plug these into the power strip to charge. There should be 2 wifi hotspots. Make sure at least one of them is plugged in.

  3. Count the cash in the cash box. Leave $250 in change in the cash box in various denominations, including at least 5 ones. Find the First National Bank cash lock bags. Place the extra cash in one of these. Fill out a deposit slip (found in the lock bag). Lock the bag with the appropriate key. This key is located on the same key ring as the bathroom key hanging on the wall in the Santa House on a screw. This locked bag should be given to Scott Ward, Heathers Sanders, or another designated board member to take to the bank immediately after the closing shift.

  4. Make sure everything loose is in one of the sheds.

  5. Lock the three bathroom doors.

  6. Lock the gate to the ice skating rink. The lock code is 0000.

  7. Make sure the lights are out inside both sheds. The Christmas lights inside the Santa house can be turned off by unplugging them or pushing the button on the black box until they turn off.

  8. Lock both sheds. These keys are found in the lock box on the door knob of the Santa House. The code is 1948. Lock the keys back up in this lock box.

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